The story so far

Angie’s play Pretty Golden Cage began as an assortment of thoughts in a journal written during a reflective period spent in Ecuador in early 2010. The piece explores the different voices we all experience internally and externally that affect how we perceive ourselves and the world around us; and draws on Freud’s Structural Model of the Psyche. Having written most of a first draft by March, Angie shared the script with Tilly who took on a role as a dramaturg, assisting with the shaping and editing process.

Workshopping the play

Back in November we did an informal reading with some friends. It was a great opportunity to hear the script read out loud, and to get the reactions of an audience made up of people who do not work in theatre. On Monday December 6th we met with members of ITSAZOO Productions who had agreed to read the script and offer feedback. After a reading, there was an open discussion with some insightful comments about the characters, dramatic conflict, and the abstract style of the piece.

Pretty Golden Cage workshop

What happens next

Having taken on board feedback from both readings, Angie is currently researching Theatre of the Absurd and reading lots of Beckett, Albee and McLeod plays, with the idea of rewriting Pretty Golden Cage in a more absurdist style. We will be arranging more readings and workshops of a newer draft in 2011.