We are two international artists living and working in Vancouver and wondering what happens when you’re living in Canada but you’re not Canadian? What goes on in the gap between the development of Canadian theatre, and visiting international companies? We aim to make and discuss work in light of our unique perspective existing in the “inbetween-ness”.

The Escapade Theatre Project is just that – a project. We are focused on the development of emerging artists, ideas and work. We are playful, experimental and interested in collaboration, learning, and discovery. We delight in the magic that happens when we take risks, give things a go and see what happens…

To us, this is the spirit of an escapade. Both of us took a leap into the unknown and landed in Vancouver, a city known for it’s diverse cultures and thriving theatre community. It is our shared love of adventure and risk that now leads us to embark on a theatrical escapade together.


2 Responses to “The Project”

  1. I admire people like you that take the risk. This risk is even more ramarkable when its taken in a different country and diverse culture.

    I really wish you the best and hope that other people may be influence by your great energy.


    Gino A. Descalzi

  2. wayne wasiliew Says:

    Love this idea, great risks receive great rewards, good luck 🙂

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