“Our only rule is that we don’t want to do any sketches that we wouldn’t let our mothers see… our openminded left-wing mothers.” Sam Mullins. FAFH

Think Saturday Night Live meets Theatre Sports. This show created and performed by 6 young Vancouverite comedians (Peter Carlone, Jamie Edwards, Bryan Nothling, Duncan Paterson, Chris Wilson, and Sam Mullins) is the perfect excuse to get off the couch and go see some live comedy theatre.

“We all graduated from the University of Victoria’s Acting program in the last couple of years.” – Says Sam Mullins, member of FAFH -“Despite our school’s attempts to beat the funny out of us, we emerged desperate as ever to create some comedy. So, we went out and found a quaint little venue where we would have the freedom to do whatever we want, whenever we want – and we hit the typewriters. ”

Tuesday 22nd February was both their 9th show and their one year anniversary. To celebrate such an auspicious occasion they invited some special guests:

The Pump Trolley Comedy Collective, a small comedy group who did some short sketches after the intermission; and musical guest Dominique Fricot, who played two songs throughout the night.

But the main act of the night was FAFH. Last night was the third time I’ve seen this ensemble perform, and they get better each time. They write and perform their own sketches, and the more you go see them the more you’ll get the inside jokes and the recurring characters.

Sometimes their sketches are hit and miss – you can tell they are still experimenting with different themes and comedy styles, and they could use some editing so that the humor doesn’t get diluted by scenes dragging on too long. But over all they offer variety, wittiness and great fun energy. Their physicality is outstanding, particularly when Peter Carlone and Chris Wilson go on stage together.

Furious Anger Fun Hour plays every two months at Cafe Monmatre at 4362 Main St here in Vancouver. It’s a very chill, warm and intimate place with charming decor such as tricycles hanging off the roof and vintage french posters on the walls. Make sure to get there early, space is a bit limited and you do want a good spot!

Their next show will be in April, 2011 were they will bring new material. Date TBC.  Come on down and support local emerging artists. It’s only $5 dollars, plus all the food and beer you can get!

PS: Bring cash, the cafe doesn’t accept debit or credit.


The story so far

Angie’s play Pretty Golden Cage began as an assortment of thoughts in a journal written during a reflective period spent in Ecuador in early 2010. The piece explores the different voices we all experience internally and externally that affect how we perceive ourselves and the world around us; and draws on Freud’s Structural Model of the Psyche. Having written most of a first draft by March, Angie shared the script with Tilly who took on a role as a dramaturg, assisting with the shaping and editing process.

Workshopping the play

Back in November we did an informal reading with some friends. It was a great opportunity to hear the script read out loud, and to get the reactions of an audience made up of people who do not work in theatre. On Monday December 6th we met with members of ITSAZOO Productions who had agreed to read the script and offer feedback. After a reading, there was an open discussion with some insightful comments about the characters, dramatic conflict, and the abstract style of the piece.

Pretty Golden Cage workshop

What happens next

Having taken on board feedback from both readings, Angie is currently researching Theatre of the Absurd and reading lots of Beckett, Albee and McLeod plays, with the idea of rewriting Pretty Golden Cage in a more absurdist style. We will be arranging more readings and workshops of a newer draft in 2011.